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Edgar Lushaju

Graphic Artist
Areas of expertise
Graphic art, architecture, digital and traditional illustrations
University of Sussex

As an illustrator, I create digital and traditional illustrations in a variety of styles and mediums for a broad range of clients. I am a self taught multifaceted artist with a degree in Architecture. My style allows me to work with other creative forms such as graphic design, animation and video editing. I am intrigued by the ways that art can work beyond the emotive and cause a reaction that excites a change for the better. I love the experience of visual storytelling and how complex intricate but vital realities can be represented in ways that are familiar through drawings.  I have a passion for sharing what I know both as an artist and from my experience with architecture.

My art and architecture background has allowed me to work with a multitude of clients. I have worked with urban researchers on research data illustrative interpretation, I have done artwork for book covers and have experience with creating illustrations for story books, short graphic narratives and storyboarding for animation. My clients have been from different parts of the world and have greatly informed my creative process that I continue to develop as work.

With my background in architecture , I have been able to volunteer with university students of architecture (mostly in Tanzania) primarily on the subjects of concept development, critical design thinking, pragmatic design, portfolios and architectural  presentation. These conversations and interactions with students have helped me build meta skills that are crucial when empathizing with different clients. especially as an illustrator and content creator.

I am passionate about my work, and I am driven by creativity, design and people oriented solutions.