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Dr Gayathri Abeywickrama

Researcher/ Data analyst
Areas of expertise
Quantiative data, survey analysis
University of Winchester
Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Dr Gaya Abeywickrama is a lecturer in Global Heath at the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, University of Winchester.

She obtained her PhD in Social Statistics and Demography from University of Southampton in 2021. Her main research interests are focused on global health dynamics, and she is particularly interested in the area of investigating social economic inequaltities in health and nutrition of children and women, in low-middle income countries.  She specialises in analysing quantitative data using a variety of statistical packages and analytical methods.

Before joining Winchester, Gaya worked for the Office for National Statistics (ONS), conducting research for publications, converting raw survey data into analysis using R, SPSS and Excel, delivering statistical results, helping decision-makers understand people's behaviour during Covid 19. She also worked with University of Southampton researchers on an analysis of socioeconomic differentials among South Asians in the UK using longitudinal data.

She is currently working as a resercher/ data analyst for Co-POWeR project’s national survey, at the University of Southampton.