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Work Package 2: Children, Young People and Families

UK health data shows the pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities.

Our study translates these statistics into stories about what COVID-19 has meant for families who identify as Black or Asian or mixed Black or Asian heritage. We are focusing on the experiences of parents/carers, young people aged 12 to 18, and professionals working in childrenĀ and family services, in multi-cultural regions across the UK.

Discussions will explore changes in the social, cultural and economic aspects of family life.

Contact or and we will be in touch with more information about how you can participate in the project.

Download a PDF version of our poster.

Photobook and Exhibition

WP2 worked with Kartik Sharma of Public Arts Health & Us (PAHUS) on creative visuals that captured the experiences and effects of COVID-19 on young people who identify as African, Caribbean, South Asian or dual heritage. The aim - to give voice to their stories using photos.

You can download a copy of the Project Photobook here (please note this is a large size PDF, 211 MB)

You can visit the virtual Exhibition below:

A graphic image of a door way to an exhibition